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Quality and ecology

We adhere to the strictest industry standards while staying committed to sustainable practices that promote long-term growth.

Raw materials

One of the main criteria for our suppliers is sharing same quality and sustainability values. We purchase only certified raw materials and test them in-house as well as in the independent laboratories.

In-house laboratory and development

Having our own laboratory allows us to manufacture and test our products based on the customer’s individual requirements. All the certifications are continuously updated and ensure that the client is fully compliant with the regulations in force.

Pocket units quality testing:

  • Stage 1. Coils geometry, spring rate and pre-load are being checked/tested as soon as they come out of the coiler;
  • Stage 2. HOP and HIP are being tested at the coiler as well as out of the assembler.
  • Stage 3. Measures already manufactured unit (width length, height).
  • Stage 4: Testing unit comfort level, if zoned- zonal comfort levels.
  • Stage 5: Units is compressed and roll packed, stacked on pallet, one out of 100 from compressed and roll packed units is taked for a random quality check.

*We can tailor products to your individual requirements on the basis of the samples or accurate data provided.

High/low carbon wire quality testing

  • Stage 1. Geometry testing (i.e. wire diameter tolerances).
  • Stage 2. Surface check (for any residues and surface cleanliness).
  • Stage 3. Mechanical testing (Tensile strength).
  • Stage 4: Chemical composition control.
  • Stage 5: Packaging and loading inspection.

Rebar quality testing

  • Stage 1. Reinforcement linear density inspection;
  • Stage 2. Geometrical parameters testing;
  • Stage 3. Mechanical and ductility properties testing;
  • Stage 4. Surface inspection;
  • Stage 5. Chemical composition control;
  • Stage 6. Packaging inspection (type and quality of packaging, compliance with customer requirements).

Testing is performed in accordance with national and international standards, quality management systems ISO:15630-1 and ISO:6892-1.


Litspringas is continuously looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable options in production processes, raw materials, and recyclability. That‘s why throughout all the warehouses and administrative premises we use only green energy (from renewable sources).

  • Implementing state-of-the-art technologies to reduce energy consumption.
  • Minimizing waste through comprehensive recycling efforts.
  • Investing in modern equipment to power sustainable operations.

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