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Inner spring units for mattresses
Our selection includes single comfort zones and zonal 3/5/7/9 comfort zone spring blocks.
The spring blocks can be frameless, with an upper frame, a middle frame, or both.
To stabilize the block, a fleece / non-woven sheet can be chosen instead of a frame. It can be at the top, bottom of the unit, or both.
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High carbon wire
We pack the wire on cardboard nozzles or metal racks. Optionally, the wire can be delivered with or without an anti-corrosion bag / film; on pallets in trucks, or without pallets in containers. The wire is fastened to the pallets with straps.
The size of cardboard nozzles and pallets is selected according to the customer's needs. Delivery terms are coordinated individually with each customer.
*Other diameters available upon request.
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Ready-made flat frames
We produce custom size ready-made flat wire frames.
All frames are securely fastened, using two locks for reinforcement.
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Flat frame wire
Flat frame wire application is for flat frame wire production.
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Low-Carbon Wire
Low-carbon wire is general purpose wire. Often used for a variety of frameworks, also can be used in a number of applications from coat hangers to construction industry. Litspringas Low carbon wire is precision drawn to exacting tolerances. We also have the ability to customize Low Carbon wire to customer‘s specific applications, producing a wide variety of diameters to a wide array of specifications.
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Rebar in coils of grade B500A
B500A is a cold-deformed rolled rebar used for reinforcing concrete structures. It has high strength, good weldability, and a three-sided profile that reduces waste. Rolled products come in coils and are processed into measured lengths, welded wire mesh, and frameworks, reducing production costs.
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Low-carbon wire for reinforcement VR-1 (BP-1)
Bp-1 grade two-sided low-carbon steel wire is a versatile material used in various industries, including wire mesh and concrete construction. Its high strength, good ductility, and wear resistance make it suitable for various applications.
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Rebar in coils of grade B500B
B500B steel coils are commonly used as reinforcement for concrete structures in construction. With high tensile strength and ductility, they are vital in preventing collapse and ensuring durability in applications such as foundations, bridges, high-rise buildings, and underground structures. They come in coils weighing up to 5 tons with an outer diameter of 1400 mm and inner diameter of 600 mm.
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Cold worked ribbed stainless steel B600XA, B600XB and B600XC in coils or cut
Application: for reinforcing concrete that is used in aggressive environments. For example, steel effectively resists the destructive effects of chlorides contained in road salts, which makes it preferable for use in bridge construction.

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