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Inner spring units for mattresses

Technical parameters

Product POCKET
HONEY-COMB (Nested)/Comb
POCKET Zonal (number of zones on request)
ECO POCKET Zonal (number of zones on request)
MULTI pocket (number of zones on request)
Possible spring height 60 - 200 mm
Coil quantity 4 – 7,5 coil
Spring wire diameter 1,2 - 2,2
Spring diameter 43-75 mm

Our selection includes single comfort zones and zonal 3/5/7/9 comfort zone spring blocks.
The spring blocks can be frameless, with an upper frame, a middle frame, or both.
To stabilize the block, a fleece / non-woven sheet can be chosen instead of a frame. It can be at the top, bottom of the unit, or both.

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